• CDFG Hangzhou Duty Free Co., Ltd. Successfully Fulfilled the Task to Serve G20 Summit

    The G20 Hangzhou Summit ended with great success. At the summit, China displayed the sense of responsibilities as a great nation, which has made the world further understand China and made people from across the world feel the beauty of Hangzhou. On behalf of CITS Group and China Duty Free Group, CDFG Hangzhou Duty Free Co., Ltd. (CDFG (Hangzhou)) drew a stroke on this perfect picture scroll by fulfilling the task to serve the summit with excellent performance.

    On May 27, 2016, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport held the “G20 100 Day Campaign Mobilization Meeting”. The People’s Government of Hangzhou City and the Airport Administration Bureau of Hangzhou City asked all institutions at the airport to make every effort and do their best to assure the smooth holding of the G20 Summit for the purpose of attaining the objectives of “work safety with zero accident, precise security with zero error and sincere service with zero complaint”. As the only retail operator attending the mobilization meeting, CDFG (Hangzhou) actively answered the call of the airport, and set up the “G20 Service Support Workgroup” led by major leaders for the first time. It made detailed working plans covering the implementation of decisions of the superior, security and support, external image, service etiquette, shop management, volunteer service and external cooperation, and completed the duty with success.

    During the “G20 100 Day Campaign”, all staff of CDFG (Hangzhou)  marched in adversity, feared no difficulty and withstood huge stress, thanks to the correct leadership and vigorous support from CITS Group and China Duty Free Group. With satisfactory performance, CDFG (Hangzhou)  has made positive contribution to improve the brand images of CITS Group and China Duty Free Group. The administration authority of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and relevant authorities hailed CDFG (Hangzhou) for the strong sense of political responsibility, excellent professional performance and spirit of unselfish sacrifice. 

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  • Beijing ICP 13010750 -3
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