• CITS Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Tourism Industry with Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia

            On December 18, 2014, Supervisory Board Chairman Zhao Xiaoping of Key and Major SOEs and deputy director Hu Liyong of 13th Office visited Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center, accompanied by Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CITS Yang Chenguang, Jiang Jingshan, President Assistant of CITS and General Manager of CITS Investment Co., Ltd, and CDFG vice general manager and Sanya duty-free store chairman Wang Xuan.

            After the on-site inspection, Zhao Xiaoping listened to the report by Sanya duty-free store and CITS Investment Co., Ltd, and fully affirmed the operation and management of Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center. He pointed out that, Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center with good design, quality, decoration, display and benefits not only improved the quality of tourism facilities in Sanya, but also created a large number of jobs, increased tax revenue, and drove the development of Hainan provincial tourism industry, and made a significant contribution to the economic and social development of Hainan Province. Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center opened for a short time, but it is very successful, which proved CITS Group’s correct decision.
            Finally, chairman Zhao Xiaoping respectively set forth requirements for the future work of Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center and CITS Investment Co., Ltd: Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center shall be guided by the market, increase merchantability brand permitted by the policy, improve tax commodity grade and embody the characteristics; reinforce the corporate management foundation, establish the system, operate according to the law, and apply information technology to management; regulate the operation, prevent risks and close the loopholes in a timely manner, including financial management, procurement, sales, transfer and deposit, etc; improve service quality, make customer shopping convenient, and achieve the domestic leading position; do a good job in preventing fire, theft, and typhoon, etc; further strengthen the Party's grassroots organization and ideological and political work, promote corporate culture, enhance enterprise cohesion and solidarity, and build excellent staff. CITS Investment Co., Ltd shall be market-oriented, and further improve the market analysis and feasibility studies; fully consider the overall layout and interaction between projects, accurately calculate ROI, and strive for the project success. Design and construction must strictly follow the bidding system to ensure the quality of the project.

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