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  • Can I exchange goods after purchase?

    Considering the particularity of duty-free goods, we do not allow goods to be exchanged after they have been sold.

    Do I need an examintion report to return the merchandise?

    Within the return period, a related maintenance report or testing report from the specified maintenance center or the third party quality testing center is needed.

    When the goods are out of warranty, can I ask the duty-free shop to repair it for me?

    Yes, but the customer will bear any costs incurred during maintenance.

    How is a testing report issued? Can I ask the duty-free shop to handle it as an agent?

    The customer can go to a third-party testing center to test the quality of the goods, or send it to a specified maintenance center for testing. The shop will provide the service of sending the goods to a specified maintenance center for testing or maintenance.

    Who will bear the cost of testing and the cost of returning the goods?

    If there are quality problems with the goods, the shop will bear the cost of testing. Otherwise, the customer must bear the cost of testing. The shop will bear the cost of returning the goods.

    If the return period expires when the merchandise is under testing or maintenance, can I continue to apply for a return?

    The date on which the customer first applies to return a good to the shop is the prevailing date, and the date on which the merchandise is in maintenance center will not be included in the return period.

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