The Responsibility Concept

  • “Trees are strong and vigorous because of their roots”

    As China's largest luxury operator and a representative of China's travel retail industry, CDFG always takes on its social responsibility as a corporate citizen. While enjoying the opportunities for continued operation and development provided by a country, the customers and all of society, CDFG also actively contributes to society with its moral industrial behavior and achievements.

    With a warm and sincere heart, CDFG is making continuous contributions to public welfare. Since 2008, the China Duty Free Hope Foundation has received care and support from all circles over the past five years, and it has grown into a platform for China's duty-free industry and even the world's duty-free industry to offer their love. Up to 2013, the five-year-old “China Duty Free Hope Foundation” has raised several million Yuan, and it has built three “China Duty Free Hope Primary Schools” and three libraries in Sichuan, Yunnan, Hainan and Heilongjiang. It has also launched many specialized aid plans such as the China Duty Free “Love 1 + 1” student sponsorship scheme. Through “Love Communication”, “Love Supporting Education” and “Love Summer Camp”, it has helped many children to go back to school and get a better education.

    In the future, CDFG will continue working with the China Youth Development Foundation to construct better schools and provide better learning environments for more children. Just like with the theme of the completion ceremony of China Duty Free Hope Primary School “New Start, New Hope” says, we believe that more China Duty Free Hope Primary Schools will help more children to fulfill their new hopes from a new starting point.