President Charles Chen

China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd

China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd. (“CDFG”) has undergone a stormy history of 30 years since its establishment in 1984, and made significant progress under the solicitous guidance of government ministries, with vigorous support from all sectors of society and with unremitting efforts of several generations of CDFG people. I would like to take this opportunity to extend on behalf of all CDFG people our sincerest gratitude to leaders at all levels, our partners both at home and abroad and friends from all walks of life for their care and support!

With China’s reform and opening up, the first duty free store in China was opened in 1979, more than 30 years later than the world’s duty free industry. Despite this, CDFG has seized historic opportunities, drawn support from the rapid development of China’s economy and tourism industry and carried out the strategies of group development, internationalization and professionalization. While setting up a duty free sales network with nationwide coverage, perfecting duty free services, improving the images of duty free stores as windows of Chinese cities to the outside world and bringing China’s duty free industry to be in line with international standards, CDFG has achieved its own transformation from a traditional duty free distributor to a retail operator and from dedication only to duty free business to engagement in many other areas related to travel retail. In doing so, CDFG has displayed its prominent role as an industrial leader with increasingly enhanced overall strength and growing influence both at home and abroad, and become an indispensable force in China’s tourism industry and a key player in the world’s duty free industry.

Three decades of exciting development has witnessed the growth of China’s duty free industry, and more importantly, encouraged CDFG to compete in the international market with boldness and resolution, tempered the corporate character of always having the courage to go beyond with cultivated groups of talents who are determined to accomplish our missions.

Against the vast space time, thirty years is as transient as the flash of a meteor. However, previous accumulations will certainly be our invaluable wealth, which will enable us to compete, prevail and keep scaling greater heights in the future. We do believe that with the deepening of China’s reform and opening-up and the sustained prosperity of the tourism industry, CDFG will get a fresh start and embrace a glorious future!