Overseas Business

  • Overseas Business

    China Duty Free Group responds positively to the country's the Belt and Road Initiative and the Going-out strategy of state-owned enterprises, and extends its overseas business based on the China Duty Free (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., overseas wholly-owned subsidiaries. In 2008, it established Taiwan China Duty Free Supply (Taiwan) Co., Ltd with ocean shipping supply business in Taiwan. Now ocean shipping supply business of China Duty Free Group has spread throughout the main ports in Taiwan. In 2011, China Duty Free Group (Hong Kong) cooperated with Kingbolly to build Kingbolly offshore duty free store in Taiwan. In the same year, China Duty Free (Macau) Co., Ltd was incorporated and established in Macau. In addition, China Duty Free Group signed a cooperation agreement with Star Cruises, the world's third largest cruise company, to open duty free stores on its cruises, which makes an important first step to the international cruise market.

    In 2013, China Duty Free Group (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. was established in Cambodia, committed itself to the construction and operation of items in duty free stores in Cambodia. In December, 2014, Cambodia's first urban duty free store - Angkor Duty Free Store officially opened, which is the first urban duty-free store that China Duty Free Group has operated in areas outside of Greater China. In December, 2015, the duty free store in Sihanoukville of China Duty Free Group opened officially. In August, 2016, China Duty Free Group opened its third urban duty free store in Cambodia - PhnumPenh Duty Free Store, completing the comprehensive layout of the travel retail market in Cambodia.