Offshore Duty Free Business

  • Offshore Duty Free Business

    Sanya Duty Free Store, China’s first of its kind to implement the offshore duty free policy that came into force on April 20th 2011, was officially opened to offshore travelers. With a good shopping environment, many international well-known brands and professional and efficient services, it has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists and has become the new representative of Sanya Tourism.

    Located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan Province, Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex is a large comprehensive duty free theme tourist project integrating commerce, catering, entertainment, relaxation and shopping. It is built by CITS Group Corporation and run by CDFG under the corporation. With a construction area of about 120,000㎡, the world’s largest duty free store boasts, among stores of its kind, the best functions and most brands and categories of commodities. The store has attracted more than 300 internationally well-known brands covering hundreds of thousands of commodities, such as perfume, cosmetics, costumes, leather bags, wrist watches, jewelries, foods and daily necessities. In addition, the Complex creates functional space for featured commodities, local specialties, outdoor sports, food and customer service, including leisure and entertainment, as well as kid's park. The perfect, comprehensive services have elevated the offshore duty free travel market to an unprecedentedly level and injected a new impetus to the local tourism development.

    The design of the Complex is inspired by begonia reputed as “National Beauty” of China. This continuous-space curbed-face steel structure, designed by a world-leading architectural firm, flourishes along the blue coastline like a delicate and charming begonia. Interiorly, artistic clusters and fashionable elements are combined and organized as per the requirements of a world-famous team of interior design. Not only the enchanting night scene, but also the distinctive interior design will provide unique visual and sensory stimulus and interesting shopping experience.

    Ever since the opening, the Complex has become the most visited place, the most attractive high-end mall in Sanya and Hainan, and the best showcase of numerous international luxury brands in duty free channels of Mainland China.