Membership Points FAQ

  • How to apply for membership card?

    Present the original ID of the person's ID at the designated counter of the company, and fill out the "Member-free Membership Application Form" and apply for it free of charge.

    How do points deduct cash consumption?

    When there are more than 10 points in the membership card, you can purchase cash-free goods at the designated store.

    Is there a valid period for the points?

    Existence, the points are valid for three natural years from the date of production, and are automatically cleared after expiration. That is, the fourth year will clear the points generated but not used in the first year.

    No ordinary users have been frozen for three years. How to activate?

    The ordinary membership card is frozen, and the POS machine is re-consumed to activate the membership card. The activation period is recalculated on the current day. When the pen consumption does not integrate points, the level of effective consumption is not accumulated.

    If the membership card is frozen, after the reactivation, can the points in the original card continue to be used?

    Re-activated membership card, when the card's points are valid, you can continue to use.

    How to replenish the membership card?

    Ordinary card, silver card, gold card need to apply for replacement card business in the store, you must present your valid ID card, the store will charge 10 yuan / card replacement fee. Platinum VIP cards and diamond VIP cards will be processed free of charge after the member's identity management center has confirmed the membership status.

    Can I return the goods that I have purchased?

    Yes, when there is insufficient credit in the return card, you must use cash to make up the points and return the goods.

    Do all products participate in the membership program?

    At present, the accumulated points and cash out of member points are limited to duty-free goods in designated stores.

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