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  • What is the off-island duty-free policy?

    The off-island duty-free policy refers to the preferential tax policy developed for tourists leaving the island by plane (tourists leaving the country are not included here) whereby they can enjoy duty-free shopping (within set limits for the number of visits, the value of goods, the category of goods and the quantities of goods). Customers must pay for the goods at a designated duty-free store and take delivery of the goods at the pick-up counters within the airport’s quarantine zone. The off-island duty-free stores refer to those franchises who have implemented the off-island duty-free policy.

    Applicable conditions to enjoy the off-island duty-free policy

    Offshore tourists must meet these three conditions to enjoy duty-free shopping: First, tourists must show proper identification, including a purchased travel ticket and eligible ID cards, domestic passengers holding an identity card (or passengers from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan holding required travel documents), or an overseas passenger holding a valid passport. Second, the eligible tourist must abide by the limits on the number of visits and the value, quantity and category of the goods when shopping in the designated duty-free store. Third, the eligible tourist must take delivery of the duty-free goods by providing a valid identity card, shopping vouchers and boarding pass at the designated place of delivery within the quarantine zone of the airport, and the goods must be carried by the passengers themselves when leaving the island by air.

    Shopping procedure and the limit for the number of times you may carry out off-island duty-free shopping

    Eligible tourists who buy off-island duty-free commodities should follow four steps. First, tourists must buy the import duty-free goods in a duty-free store. Second, off-island tourists must pay for their purchase inside the duty-free store. Third, the tourist must wait for the duty-free store to deliver the purchased goods to airport pick-up counters according to the tourist’s departure time and destination. Fourth, tourists must take possession of the goods at the pick-up counters within the airport’s quarantine zone.

    Amount and quantity of duty-free shopping

    Amount and quantity of duty-free shopping: off-island tourists (including tourists residing on the island) should spend no more than RMB 8,000 Yuan on each duty-free shopping visit per person, and the purchasing range and amount of duty-free goods should not exceed the specialized limit (see table below). In addition, each tourist is allowed to buy one article worth more than RMB 8,000 Yuan per unit if he or she has paid import duties for imported goods in full. If there is a residual amount of duty-free limit (or unused), the tourists can use it to purchase a single good with a value of over RMB 8,000 Yuan, which accordingly reduces the tax base of the import tax of imported articles. This means, under the condition of paying the import tax of imported articles according to the valuation of “retail price of goods minus residual amount of duty-free limit”, each tourist is allowed to buy one article worth more than RMB 8,000 Yuan per unit. Tourists who do not reside on the island can enjoy the off-island duty-free shopping policy two times per person per year. Residents of Hainan can enjoy the policy only one time per person a year. It is regarded as one duty-free shopping trip if tourists leave the island after a purchase. The duty-free eligibility status of Hainan residents will be identified by their ID card.

    Application groups for the off-island duty-free policy

    The off-island duty-free policy applies to domestic and foreign tourists including residents of Hainan province (including residents of Hainan Island), who are at least 16 years old, and boarding flights to leave Hainan Island, but who are not exiting China.

    Who can buy duty-free goods?

    Outbound tourists, international sailors and diplomatic personnel can buy duty-free goods at appropriate locations.

    What does “duty-free goods” mean?

    Duty-free goods” means items that are exempt from import customs tax, import consumption tax and value-added tax.

    What are the characteristics of duty-free goods?

    1.Price advantage: The price of duty-free goods is about 30% lower than the market price. 2.Brand advantage: All the duty-free goods are from the famous international luxury brands. 3.Quality advantage: All the duty-free goods are purchased from the suppliers of international brands, which ensures quality.

    What are the categories of duty-free products sold in the duty free shops?

    The duty-free products in the duty free shop cover the following major categories: tobacco, wine, perfume, cosmetics, skin care products, clothes, leather products, jewelry, watches, toys, food, health care products and Chinese specialty products.

    Where can I buy the duty-free goods?

    1.If you are an outbound tourist, you can find the duty free shop in the departure lounge after you have completed the relevant outbound procedural formalities at the airport, border, railway port or passenger transport port. For foreign tourists (including overseas Chinese and residents of Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan), if there is a duty free shop in the city from where you will leave the country, you can buy duty-free commodities with your passport and the ticket for a departure flight. 2.If you are a foreign national working on a ship, you can buy duty-free commodities in the major ports for international oceangoing freighters. 3.If you are a diplomat, you can buy duty-free commodities in a duty free shop for diplomatic agents.

    Which currency can be used in a duty free shop? Can I use a credit card?

    Generally you can use RMB, USD, HKD and JPY in the duty free shops. However, different duty free shops might accept different currencies, so please consult the sales person of your local duty free shop for more accurate information. Generally, you can use UnionPay, Visa or MasterCard credit cards or debit cards in the duty free shops.

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