• CDFG boosts Cambodia’s tourism, welfare initiatives

    China Duty Free Group (Cambodia) Limited (cdf Cambodia) was recently granted official recognition and the right to use the name and logo of the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism for its “Chinese Travellers’ Service Center” project. 

    This approval marks the first official endorsement cdf Cambodia has received from the ministry. As the originator of the "Chinese Travellers’ Service Center" concept, cdf Cambodia is the only centrally administered enterprise to receive this accolade.

    According to cdf Cambodia, the "Chinese Travellers' Service Center" project aligns closely with Cambodia's "China Ready" strategy led by its Ministry of Tourism. The initiative aims to offer exceptional travel services to Chinese visitors in Cambodia, helping drive the nation's tourism industry toward sustained growth and prosperity.

    This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of China-Cambodia diplomatic relations and the "China-Cambodia Friendship Year." The "Chinese Travellers' Service Center" project is expected to invigorate Cambodia’s economic and social development, and bolster tourism cooperation between the two nations.

    cdf Cambodia’s involvement extends beyond the tourism sector to include various philanthropic activities. In line with this commitment, the company initiated the "Children’s Infinity" public welfare art exhibition at CDFG’s Phnom Penh Duty Free store, timed to coincide with the company’s 10th-anniversary celebration.

    The exhibition featured 30 paintings from the Khmer Artist for Children Organization, also known as Phnom Penh Municipal Welfare Institution. The event garnered support from over 100 individuals from China and Cambodia.

    Alongside the art exhibition, a charity sale was organized to raise funds for the welfare institution. The proceeds will be used for housing renovation, teaching and painting equipment, and other essential expenses related to children's welfare.

    Since 2016, cdf Cambodia has provided focused assistance to the welfare institution, routinely carrying out quarterly social welfare activities. This dedication led to the official unveiling of the "cdf Charity Base" in March 2023. With 26 successful social welfare activities carried out to date, cdf Cambodia’s commitment has significantly enhanced the lives of numerous children in Cambodia.

    With backing from its parent company, China Tourism Group, cdf Cambodia is leveraging the opportunities offered by the Belt and Road Initiative and the rising demand from Chinese tourists for popular overseas destinations. Through these efforts, cdf Cambodia is actively showcasing Cambodia’s tourism resources internationally, speeding up its expansion overseas, and continually enhancing its brand influence on the global market.