Fangchenggang Border Duty Free Shop

  • Name:Fangchenggang Border Duty Free Shop
  • Store Address: Departure Hallof Dongxing Port, No.1, Xinhua Road, Dongxing City, Guangxi Province
  • Business Hour: 8:00—20:00
  • Tel Number: 0770-7663455
  • E-mail:

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    Clarifying Lotion Clarifiante 2

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Fangchenggang Border Duty Free Shop Introduction

Dongxing City of Guangxi Province is located in the southwest corner of China’s mainland coastline, with Beibu Bay to its southeast and Vietnam to its west. With both land and sea territory, it is the most convenient passageway to travel between China and Vietnam or Southeast Asia. It is also a port city connecting China and ASEAN. Afterthe deepening of reforms and opening up, the annual number of inbound and outbound business travellersand tourists reached 12 million, which makes it one of the busiest inbound and outbound land border ports

Fangchenggang Border Duty Free Shop is located at the Departure Hallof Dongxing Port at No.1 Xinhua Road inDongxing City. Supported by anational policy, which supports border tourism andtrade, the company provides a wide range of commodities according to the basic economic conditions of local inhabitants in the border area and the consumption habits of transit passengers. Over 400 commodities fall into two major categories: tobacco and liquor, with perfume, cosmetics and boutiques supplied as auxiliary categories. With high quality, reasonably-priced goods and a goodstandard of service, the company welcomes every customerto the store and does its best to cater to their every need.

Categories for Sale

Please call the in-store service phone for more information:0770-7663455