• CTS’s speech for 2018 Corporate Day: working together towards CTS’s new journey of century


    In the past 2017, the Communist Party of China held the epoch-making 19th National Congress, brought forward Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and wrote them onto the Party flag. Immersed in the harmonious atmosphere of new era, China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong Co., Ltd is embracing its 90th birthday. On this festive day, I invite all colleagues to join me reviewing the 90-year history, respond to the propositions of the new era and look into the new journey of the next century.

    90 years ago, faced with the “changing situation never seen in the past three thousand years”, we were born in the tides of pursuit of national independence and freedom and sounded the first siren in China’s modern tourism. The establishment of China Travel Service became one of the three major events occurring in China that year and was permanently inscribed on the China Millennium Monument. Over the past nine decades, we started as a small travel agency and ushered in a journey of fighting for glories and dreams with sincere commitments to serving the general public and carrying forward the national legacy.

    Over the past nine decades, we have always been closely associated with the national development and the progress of era. In the course of development of two centuries, immersed in the three trends of the times, namely, standing up, getting rich and becoming stronger, we have always been moving forward along the national journey of modernization and great revitalization of the Chinese nation with an unremitting determination and clear direction.

    Over the past nine decades, we have always been forging ahead and pursuing success unremittingly, as generation after generation of CTS people have been fighting through difficulties and adversaries and exploring the road to become stronger, better and bigger, bearing in mind the commitment to contributing to the nation with tourism, the spirit of “serving the general public and creating happiness” and the corporate mission to create an everlasting business, which have continued to date and remain unchanged at all.

    Over the past nine decades, we have always been based in Hong Kong, serving the wider society and actively fulfilling our social responsibility, especially over the past two decades after return of Hong Kong to China, during which we actively participated in business and political discussions, firmly preserved the national policy of “one country, two systems” and supported the Hong Kong SAR government to administer according to law, leaving an indelible CTS legacy on promoting the common development of Hong Kong and the motherland and achieving prosperity and stability.

    The wheels of history are moving forward. In the new era, the central committee of CPC and General Secretary Xi Jinping have given a new role, placed new expectations and raised new requirements for the development of state-owned enterprises. Standing in the tides of the time, CTS and every of CTS people are expected to earnestly think about our role and future in the context of national development, as well as about what kind of company we are going to be in the new era, what objectives we will achieve, what kind of culture we will create and what choices and efforts we should make in such development and change and the great era. This is a proposition closely related to everyone of us.

    We are expected to deeply understand the new role that the central government gave to SOEs. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that SOEs are expected to become the most trustworthy supporting force of the Party and the nation, an important force that resolutely carries out the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC central committee, an important force that implements the new development concept and deepens the reform across the board, an important force that implements the go-global strategy, Road and Belt initiative and other significant strategies, an important force that grows the comprehensive national strength, promotes economic and social development, safeguards and improves people’s livelihood, as well as an important force that helps CPC win the great battle with many new historical characteristics. As an important key SOE directly managed by the central government, we are expected to profoundly understand, realize and grasp the new role of these six forces, make our tourism business stronger, better and bigger righteously, constantly enhance our vitality, influence and ability to resist risks as well as preserve and increase the value of state-owned assets, which is a significant responsibility that the CPC central committee centered on Xi Jinping has assigned to us.

    We need to profoundly understand the new mission endowed by the new era. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the principal contradiction in the Chinese society has transformed into the contradiction between the people’s ever-growing demand for good life and the unbalanced and insufficient development. And the tourism in which we operate is ranked the first place in the five wellbeing industries of tourism, culture, sports, health and geriatric services as well as an important aspect of the efforts to meet people’s demand for good life and resolve the principal contradictions in the society. As the only tourism-centered state-owned key enterprise, we are expected to think about business development in the context of the new era, new objectives and new journey of the nation while planning for the group’s growth and regard making renewed contributions to resolving the new contradictions as our historic mission in an effort to increase the people’s sense of gain for good life.

    We need to profoundly understand the new objectives to be achieved in the future. General Secretary Xi Jinping noted the “need to cultivate world-class companies with global competitiveness”, which is the new objective we will endeavor to achieve. Being world-class means having world-class products, services, performance, competitiveness, social image and influence, with focus on quality first and industry leadership, including in the segments of the industry chain. Both the company and its business units are expected to work towards achieving a world-class status and to create our own industry position and voice. 

    In the new era, we are also expected to have a new cultural spirit. We need to draw strengths from CTS’s 90-year history and legacy to actively create our corporate culture of “staying true to our mission, one team, one dream, and achieving business excellence with hard work, pragmatism and efficiency” in the new area. “Staying true to our mission” requires us to always bear in mind the initial commitments and mission of CTS over the past nine decades: our initial commitments are serving the general public with tourism and creating happiness, and our mission is to constantly meet the people’s ever-growing demand for good life in the new era; “One team, one dream” requires us to work and live as a family, with a shared dream of becoming a world-class travel service group with global competitiveness. “Achieving business excellence with hard work, pragmatism and efficiency” requires us to consciously practice General Secretary Xi Jinping’s requirement that “empty talks would lead the country astray and hard work can rejuvenate the nation”, to advocate and stick to the value proposition of seeking business growth through hard work, truth-seeking spirit, excellence and high efficiency, as well as to realize our dreams and deliver on our initial commitments and mission step by step. We are expected to make every effort to make CTS stronger, better and bigger, allow employees to share the results of the reform and development of the business, effectively increase the employees’ sense of happiness and gain and make employees and their families feel blessed and proud for CTS. 

    Colleagues, each generation has their own mission. Standing on the new starting point of the new era and CTS’s 90-year historical journey, we feel grateful and excited as a generation expected to make CTS an everlasting business. Let’s hold high the great flag of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, actively involve us in the new era and new journey, endeavor to seize new opportunities, actively respond to risks and challenges, say no to daydreaming and empty talks, stay true to our initial commitments and mission and work together to embark on our new journey of the next century’s travel business. With star travel service at hand, a real traveler knows not limits.


    Wan Min, President of CTS

    April 2018

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