• CDFG successfully secures the duty-free operating right on Costa Atlantica

    Recently, amid the fierce international competition, CDFG successfully secured the duty-free operating right on the Atlantica cruise of Costa Crociere S.p.A.(“Costa Crociere”) and signed the cooperation memorandum with the latter, thus initially reaching an agreement with its parent Carnival on future full-scale cooperation. This signifies the first time CDFG will merchandize duty-free commodities on an internationally-renowned cruise on its own, turning a new chapter of its cruise duty-free business. 

    Costa Crociere, founded in 1948, is the largest cruise fleet in Europe so far and started an international cruise line with China as the home port for the first time in 2006, thus becoming the first international cruise company to enter China. Over the past decade of operation in China, Costa Crociere has provided over 2 million Chinese tourists with genuine “Italy at the Sea” cruise vacation. 

    In 2016, Carnival invited offers worldwide and attracted involvement of numerous duty-free operators worldwide. Relying upon the rich industry chain resources of CTS, CDFG stood out among the fierce competition and successfully secured the duty-free operating right on Costa Atlantica and broken the international monopoly of the cruise market, thus further increasing the global influence of China’s duty-free industry.

    Along with the explosive growth of cruise tourism in China, China has become the fastest-growing emerging market in the global cruise tourism industry. Over the past years, duty-free cruise operation has become one of the prioritized strategic projects of CDFG. Before this, CDFG conducted duty-free merchandise wholesale business and performed management output on Star Cruises and Chinese Tai Shan Cruise in succession, but has never had self-owned cruise duty-free store. At this year’s CTS working conference, president Wan Min specifically identified cruise as one of the future priorities of business development. In addition, when meeting with Carnival leadership, he specifically pointed out that duty-free will become one of the important businesses in China’s cruise industry, demonstrating CDFG’s attention to cruise and cruise duty-free business. On the occasion of global bidding of Carnival, CDFG seized this valuable opportunity to break through the cruise channel and finally won the bid through multiple rounds of negotiations involving CDFG’s leadership, which is very important to the future development of cruise duty-free business. 

    In the future, under the guidance of the company’s strategy, CDFG will seize the opportunity brought by the rapid growth of China’s cruise tourism and endeavor to prepare for the establishment of cruise duty-free stores to ensure CDFG’s duty-free store will be opened on Costa Atlantica as planned. Meanwhile, it will continue to seek the domestic policy on supply of cruise duty-free merchandises, refine the functionality and services of domestic home ports for cruises and further enhance international competitiveness.  Moreover, with this successful bidding, CDFG will integrate the advantageous resources of its parent company, accelerate the outreach to other cruise brands and gradually seize the Chinese market and expand into the overseas market, in an effort to create a world-class cruise duty-free operator, make sufficient preparations for its self-owned cruise duty-free business and contribute tothe implementation of the cruise strategy of CTS.

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