• Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center properly deals with passenger flow peak during the Spring Festival Single-day revenue at a record high

            During Spring Festival Golden Week, the world's largest single duty-free store -CITS Group Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center properly dealt with the passenger flow peak, and received a total of 218,000 tourists. Single-day revenue has exceeded 50 million Yuan, hitting a record high.

            This Spring Festival Golden Week is the first passenger flow peak after Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center opened, with daily number of 34,000 tourists visiting the store. CITS Group attaches great importance to security issues. The group leaders came to shopping center during the Spring Festival to make thorough arrangement and implement it vigorously, thus achieving zero security incident during the Golden Week. To prevent congestion and stampede, the mall entrances are implemented one-way flow. The entrance is set with S-shaped fence. Specially-assigned personnel are on duty to maintain order. According to passenger traffic, each store implemented visitor flow limit. Through WeChat, micro blogging and other self-media, the shopping center released shopping transportation guides and peak shifting shopping tips at passenger flow peak to effectively guide visitors to arrange their schedule and choose convenient transportation to shopping, which was convenient for visitors and also eased passenger flow concentration pressure. In response to the passenger flow peak, 90% of employees of the shopping center stayed on duty, without going home for the holiday. Departments of sales, logistics, information, security and protection worked together. Employees worked overtime for stocking, efficient sorting, providing patient consulting services with smiles and evacuating passenger flow. Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Center adopted a number of initiatives to overcome difficulties and eventually achieved excellent operating results.

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  • Beijing ICP 13010750 -3
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