• Hainan “Offshore Duty-Free” Policy is further Relaxed

            To further give play to the effects of Hainan “Offshore Duty Free” Shopping Policy and vigorously promote the construction of international tourism island of Hainan, the Ministry of Finance was approved by the State Council to adjust and improve “Offshore Duty-Free” Policy from March 20, 2015, after discussing with NDRC, the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, AQSIQ, China Food and Drug Administration.

            Statistics show that for pilot project for more than three years, the number of passengers actually involved in duty-free shopping accounts for less than 10% of the total number of offshore passengers at the airport. Per capita amount of shopping is 2680 Yuan. Compared with 30% of duty-free shopping passengers of Korea Jeju Island and limit of 8,000 Yuan specified in China policy, the actual number of people shopping and shopping amount are significantly lower. According to the analysis, the main constraints include: variety of duty-free goods is not enough; some hot commodities is limited to buy and the guests’ shopping needs are not fully released.
            Deputy Director Wang Huiping of Hainan Provincial Department of Finance said, for these problems, Hainan offshore duty-free policy has been adjusted in two aspects: First, appropriately increase the type of the duty-free goods. On the basis of compliance with existing laws, regulations and strict limitation, 17 kinds of consumer goods closely related to people's lives including the retail packaging of infant formula milk powder, coffee, health-care food, household air purifier, household medical equipment, etc are included in the scope of offshore duty-free goods. After adjustment, the duty-free goods are expanded to 38 kinds. Second, appropriately relax the single shopping restrictions on hot-selling merchandise quantity. Relax the restriction on quantity of 10 categories of hot-selling merchandise including perfume, cosmetics, watches, apparel, and small leather goods among the existing 21 kinds of offshore duty-free goods.
            For example, the retail packaging infant formula is limited to 4 pieces and the total weight of no more than 5 kg. Ginseng products are limited to 6 pieces and the total weight of no more than 3 kg. Fish oil, vitamins, collagen and other health-care food is limited to 8 pieces and the total weight does not exceed 3 kg. Number of perfume per person is adjusted from 5 to 8 pieces, cosmetics per person from 8 to 12 pieces.
            According to Wang Huiping, Hainan offshore duty-free policy is a shopping preferential policy implementing limitation on quota, time, quantity and varieties and exemption from import duties for the passengers who fly away from Hainan Island (excluding departure). Although this policy adjustment increased the number of duty-free products and relaxed part of duty-free shopping quantity restrictions, limitation on off-island visitors shopping twice a year and 8,000 Yuan of shopping quota each time remained stable. Due to duty-free limit, the overall risk is controllable, which will not cause a significant impact on the domestic industry and import tax. 

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