• Supervisory Board Chairman Zhao Xiaoping visited Xiamen enterprise under CITS Group

            Zhao Xiaoping, Supervisory Board Chairman of Key and Major SOEs, went to Xiamen to inspect and guide the work of CITS Group’s subsidiary company on December 3, accompanied by Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CITS Yang Chenguang.

            Zhao Xiaoping listened to the work report by responsible persons of CITS Fujian, CITS Xiamen, Xiamen Dongmian Duty Free Store, CDFG Xiamen, Xiamen Xinmian Duty Free Store and Xiamen Lilelang, had a detailed understanding of their ownership structure, corporate governance structure, organization architecture, system construction and operation, financial condition and dividends, and asked about CITS Head Office and CDFG’s practices for each subsidiary’s operation management and risk control. In the field research process, Zhao Xiaoping fully understood the operating conditions of four different types of stores including airport duty free stores, duty-free stores for boats, passenger station duty free stores and Lilelang duty stores as well as the situation of inbound and outbound people at each port, regulatory policies and sales of all kinds of goods at each port, carefully watched reception staff of CITS Xiamen operate and demonstrate B2B system, had a cordial conversation with the store's front-line sales staff, asked about the products of tourist routes, sales of duty-free and duty goods, staff salary structure, wages, social security, welfare, employee promotion mechanism, training system, and expressed sincere solicitude  for the staff.
            Zhao Xiaoping expressed satisfaction for business development, operating conditions and operation management of CITS Group’s six companies, fully affirmed its practices of strengthening the system construction, staff training, taking effective measures to overcome difficulties and achieve growth in both revenues and profits, and continuing to improve corporate governance, and gave a positive assessment for CDFG’s good return on investment and CITS Xiamen’s practice of pioneering in the mixed ownership.
            He further made the following requirements for the future development of CITS Group’s subsidiary companies: First, duty and duty free goods shall be permitted by policies; adhere to market orientation, do everything possible to introduce marketable commodity, make great efforts to expand sales, and make customers glad and satisfactory. Second, positively adjust the marketing strategy and focus on keeping good relationship with customers. Third, employees shall be in a young mood and have a good mental state. Continuously improve the quality of staff and service to effectively promote sales and further improve business performance. Fourth, further improve the system, standardize business processes and service standards, and adhere to operate according to the law, strengthen internal controls and improve competitiveness. Fifth, ensure safe production and do everything possible to reduce operating costs. Sixth, adhere to honest business, pay attention to coordinating all aspects of relationship, and create a favorable external environment for enterprise development.
            Chairman Wang Weimin attached great importance to the research and investigation by Supervisory Board, and   made important instructions to prepare earnestly and actively cooperate with Supervisory Board’s supervision and inspection for the enterprises. CITS Group must earnestly implement the opinions and recommendations proposed by Chairman Zhao, strengthen risk management, and constantly improve the internal control to achieve better results.

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