• CITS Group Held a Kick-Off Meeting for the Strategic Consulting Project

    CITS Group kick-off meeting for the strategic consulting project was held in Beijing on November 18. CITS Chairman Wang Weimin served as the group leader of the project, attended the meeting and made mobilization speech. Leaders of CITS Group Co., Ltd., heads of various departments of the headquarters, subsidiaries, and managers of enterprises incorporated into the group after restructuring and the project team attended the meeting. The kick-off meeting was chaired by Chen Rong, member of the Standing Committee of CITS Group Party Committee and Vice Presidents of CITS.

    Wang Weimin delivered an important speech at the kick-off meeting. He pointed out that through the efforts of recent years, CITS Group has achieved the version 1.0 of development; with the growth of the group size, great changes have taken place in management complexity; the internal and external environment has changed dramatically; especially the central government put forward to further deepen reform and accelerate the development of tourism, so that the tourism industry's position as a strategic pillar industry is further clear; Internet and mobile Internet has begun to change and even subvert the way of life of the public; sustained rapid development of national economy opened space for the development of China's tourism industry. These changes have brought new opportunities and challenges for the further development of CITS Group. At the strategy seminar held in Dalian, the group clearly put forward to build version 2.0 of CITS Group-development goal of becoming a global tourism operator with allocation of resources and international competitiveness. To achieve this goal, through this strategic consulting, it is necessary to clear internal and external environment, identify the development direction, specify and quantize implementation steps, plans and key links and achieve the leap development of the group.
            At the meeting, the experts introduced their cognition of the project background and goal, the specific work module settings and output as well as the key work in different stages of the project, the output results, schedule, etc.

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