• CITS Chairman Wang Weimin was invited to attend the Third Roundtable Conference for China-Korea Multinational Company Leaders and made a speech

             On November 8, the Third Roundtable Conference for China-Korea Multinational Company Leaders was held during the APEC meeting. Zheng Wantong, Vice Chairman of the Eleventh CPPCC and president of China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations (CICPMC) attended the conference and delivered a speech. Han Duk-Soo, former Prime Minister of Korea and president of Korea International Trade Association attended the conference. Chairman                Wang Weimin was invited to attend the conference on behalf of 10 Chinese companies and delivered a speech on behalf of the Chinese tourism enterprises.

    The China-Korea CEO Roundtable was co-sponsored by CICPMC and FKI, aimed to constantly improve the level of economic and trade cooperation between China and Korea. Representatives of entrepreneurs were from CITS Group, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Wanda Group, Huawei Group, Kumho Asiana Group, Samsung Electronics, Lotte Group, Hyundai Motor, MCM Group and other famous enterprises. At the conference, entrepreneurs of China and South Korea conducted in-depth exchanges on cooperation in finance, tourism, culture, steel, energy and other sectors by centering on the theme of “how to expand bilateral trade cooperation in the new trend and opportunities of economic and trade cooperation between China and South Korea”.
             Wang Weimin said in his speech that, CITS Group is China's large tourism-led central enterprise, and has two core businesses including travel agency and duty free. Its travel agency business is worldwide, and visa centers are around overseas, with rich products and first-class service. The tourism project outside the APEC meeting is undertaken by CITS Group; with wide duty-free business channels, excellent brand and rapid growth, CITS has maintained good relations of cooperation with the world's major brands. Wang Weimin noted that tourism is a smokeless industry, creating green GDP. China-Korea tourism has quickly become a hot spot in the world tourism market in recent years, but there is still much room for development. China and South Korea have many cooperation opportunities and space in tourism. For example, when developing their respective tourism market, the two countries can work together to build a new overseas tourist destination for bilateral guests and cooperate in equipping with aviation, cruise ships, hotels and other tourism resources, in order to provide more comprehensive and high quality service for the two countries’ visitors. The two sides can also vigorously develop the tourism e-commerce industry, and integrate tourism, culture and shopping through e-commerce platform, to provide convenient travel services and comfortable affordable shopping experience for the bilateral tourists and create a new growth point for the bilateral tourism.
             When talking about the tourism product, Wang Weimin spoke with interest that, the majority of Chinese tourists travelling to Korea like Korean products such as mask and MCM bags. Wang Weimin's speech let South Korea MCM Group chairman Kim Sung-soo have full confidence in China-Korea tourism cooperation and won a positive response from both sides of entrepreneurs.  The atmosphere was very warm and friendly. Wang Weimin finally hoped that tourism enterprises of China and South Korea strengthen cooperation and jointly bring China-Korea tourism to a new height. Korean friends from all walks of life are expected to strengthen cooperation with CITS Group, jointly develop tourism projects and achieve a win-win situation.

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