• CITS Group Corporation: Strengthen cooperation to jointly promote trans-boundary E-commerce business

             On October 13th, China Duty Free (Shenzhen) Business Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Duty Free Business Technologies) and China International Travel Service Limited Head Office (hereinafter referred to as CITS Head Office), both subsidiaries of CITS Group, held a meeting on integrating internal strength in resources and accelerating the development of cross-border e-commerce in Beijing. The meeting was co-chaired by Wang Yanguang and Hu Zhimin, Vice General Manager of CITS Head Office and Chen Jianshan, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice General Manager of CDFG and Chairman of China Duty Free Business Technologies.

    Both parties attached great importance to the theme of this meeting with sufficient communication and survey before the meeting. Heated discussions took place on the resources and models for integration as well as execution procedures during the meeting, reaching the initial conclusion that both parties may explore for resources integration plans with gradual optimization in human resources, store resource, membership resources, exhibition & event resources, media resources and website resources, as well as initiating all-channel promotion and marketing in other partnership resources such as tour guides, local operators, partner hotels, scenic spots, etc.
    It was stated during the meeting that CITS Head Office and CDFG are two core subsidiaries of CITS Group, and that the partnerships of the two subsidiaries as well as of CITS Online and China Duty Free Mall represent the alliance between giants within CITS, reflecting the brotherhood of common interest and shared destiny of CITS Head Office and CDFG and the strong support of e-commerce of CDFG by CITS Head Office. This has further consolidated the determination of CDFG to engage in e-commerce. Both parties shall carry the communication into the future and conscientiously plan for resource categorization and integration while implementing these plans to boost the development of China Duty Free Mall on a comprehensive scale.
    Executives of Tourism & Vacation Department, Marketing & Promotion Department, E-commerce Department, Outbound Tourism Department, CITS Global Company, CITS Exhibition Company as well as their counterparts in Marketing Department and China Duty Free Commerce Technologies Co., Ltd. have participated in the discussions. 

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