• CITS and China Railway Group Hold Strategic Talks

             Wang Weimin, Chairman and General Manager of CITS Group led his team to conduct a strategic talk with Li Changjin, China Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of China Railway Group and Cui Baohua, Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of China Railway Construction Engineering Group.

    Wang Weimin introduced key businesses, development strategies and key projects of CITS, suggesting that potentials for integration and mutual supplementation of advantages exist on the business level between the two parties, such as development of tourism complex and business trip management for enterprises, pointing out that on the basis of the successful cooperation in CITS Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Mall, both parties should further integrate their advantageous resources and accelerate channel connection and resource sharing by creating an alliance of giants, so as to strengthen their respective business performances and achieve win-win cooperation.
    In his introduction of China Railway Group, Li Changjin pointed out that China Railway Group and its over 40 subsidiaries have emerged into a multifunctional large-scale group as one of the world’s largest construction project contractor incorporating survey and design, construction and installation, property development, industrial manufacturing, scientific research & consulting, engineering supervision, capital business, finance and trust, resource development and foreign trade. He expressed the hope to intensify cooperation while seeking common development with CITS in outbound project contracting, tourism complex development, labor export, flight chartering and business trip services.
    Attending the meeting were Vice Presidents of CITS Chen Rong, Xue Jun, Li Renzhi and Yu Ningning, President Assistants Jiang Jingshan and Chen Zhixin, Vice Presidents of China Railway Group Zhou Mengbo and Zhang Xian, Vice Chief Economists Yang Yutang and Zhou Minzhong as well as Vice Presidents of China Railway Construction Engineering Group Qiu Zhenhu, Zhou Zhili and Yang Zhiyan. 

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