• CDF Online Pre-order platform for Airport Stores is officially launched

    “CDF Online Pre-order”, an online pre-order platform created by China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd (“CDFG”), has been launched officially at Hangzhou Airport Duty-free Store to create a new tourism retail ecosystem for traveling customers.


    This platform combines online shopping with offline brick-and-mortar duty-free stores. The platform is enabled with WeChat public account, WeChat gadget, mobile APP, mobile WAP site and PC client (combined with the official website), resulting in multi-platform application for an official online sales channels.

    In terms of information system functional design, it enables a series of innovative technologies in line with the character of duty-free operations, including 1. unified membership management that realizes unified rules for members both online and offline, as well as unified account management; 2. supporting diversified and flexible marketing approaches and using customer incentive to generate related sales and fissile sales, thus achieving the purpose of promoting and enhancing user loyalty. 3. supporting 3rd party business cooperation, expansion of 3rd party platforms and joint promotions to divert traffic for duty-free sales; 4. automatic compliance of the customs policy on entry and purchase restrictions to meet the regulatory requirements of the customs for online sales channel.

    The launch of CDFG’s online ordering platform has given consumers a more novel way of interaction in order to increase the sense of pleasure and engagement in shopping, deepen the consumer impression of brands and increase the possibility of repeat purchase.


    As part of new retail innovation – this online Preorder platform will also integrate the self-service shopping capability whilst physically within the duty-free stores, allowing consumers to complete transactions simply by scanning the commodity barcodes via their cellphone, adding commodities into shopping carts and making payment online. The shopping experience of consumers and operating efficiency of the stores will be improved during peak periods.

    The duty-free ordering platform will constantly enrich the online commodity categories and roll out to more CDF duty-free stores. The CDF duty-free ordering platform is now accessible using the following methods: 


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