• “Campaign For a New Children’s Campus”

    In May 2008, following the Great Wenchuan Earthquake, the “China Duty Free Hope Foundation” was immediately established. It has become the bridge and the platform for China’s duty-free industry and even the world’s duty-free industry to offer their love.

    On April 14, 2010, there was another powerful earthquake. A 7.1 Richter scale earthquake struck Yushu region in Qinghai Province, and caused a major loss of life and damage to property. The children in this region suddenly lost their families, homes and schools. In order to help them in a timely manner, after urgent negotiations with the China Youth Development Foundation, CDFG immediately launched a donation activity themed “Campaign For a New Children’s Campus” in the name of China Duty Free Hope Foundation.


    Here, CDFG initiated a proposal to its staff, its subsidiary companies, its retail store customers and its international brand suppliers in long-term cooperation with CDFG: offering their love to the children in the earthquake-stricken region in Yushu, helping them go to new schools as soon as possible, and helping them receive a better education to begin a new life!


    The specific activity content is as follows:

    1.Activity content: “Campaign For a New Children’s Campus” - Donation Activity

    2.Participation Principle: voluntary participation, no limit on the donation amount

    3.Activity time: May 1 ~ June 30, 2008

    4.Participation channels:

    1) For the enterprises and individuals who want to donate, please remit the donation to the account specified by China Youth Development Foundation before June 30, and mark out the words “China Duty Free Hope Foundation”.

    2) Dedicated Donation Account of China Youth Development Foundation

    Account name: China Youth Development Foundation

    RMB deposit bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch Dongsinan Sub-branch

    RMB account number: 0200 0010 2901 4484 859

    Foreign currency deposit bank: Bank of China Head Office Business Department

    USD account number: 0002 3608 0910 14

    Yen account number: 0003 8408 0910 27

    HKD account number: 0002 3608 0910 13

    3) Please fax the remittance receipt to the relevant contact person in our company for further inquiry.

    4) “China Duty Free Hope Foundation” will issue a Love Reputation Medal to the units who made a donation, and the China Youth Development Foundation will issue a philanthropy donation invoice as a donation receipt (which can be used for tax and fees reduction).

    5) We will initiate the disaster region rescue plan later and report how the donation has been used.

    5.Contact person of CDFG: Zhang Qian from Marketing Department of CDFG, Tel: 010-84478888-8207, Fax: 010-84478920

    The disaster is ruthless, but love is boundless. Let’s offer our helping hands once again to help the children in the earthquake-stricken region to go to schools as soon as possible and get a decent education!


    China Duty Free – Hope Foundation

    China Youth Development Foundation

    China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd.

    May 1, 2010









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